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Enchantress (Suicide Squad) TG :iconanimefan5051042:Animefan5051042 14 1
Mature content
Harley Quinn TG :iconanimefan5051042:Animefan5051042 43 3
Giganta TG

Jack was walking down a street when he saw a mysterious shop on the corner. Out of curiosity, he decided to walk in. As he entered, a gypsy came out from the back and began to talk to Jack. "What can I do for you?", she asked.
"Just looking around.", Jack said back. 'I sense that you seek power, something more out of life. I may have something of interest." she said as she went into the back of the shop again.
Jack wondered what the gypsy was talking about. His life wasn't anything special, it might be average for a twenty year old like him, but he still enjoyed it. The more he thought about it, he realized that maybe he was getting bored of life,  The gypsy came back out and offered him a yellow and black latex suit telling him that, "it will provide you with great abilities and strength that no one else will have". Jack thought about it for a while, but ultimately decided to buy the suit from the gypsy, and left the store.
:iconanimefan5051042:Animefan5051042 59 4
Poison Ivy TG

Doug was looking around the garden in his local museum. As he walked around he noticed a rather odd looking Venus fly trap. It was twice the size of a normal fly trap and had a colorful assortment of red and green throughout from the trap and down to the stem. It wasn't shaped like a regular fly trap, it was more defined and seemed like something you'd seen in a horror movie or cartoon. Doug walked over to it, drawn to it as if he were being hypnotized. But as he was about to get close enough to examine it, he didn't pay any notice to a sign warning about the plant being poisonous. Doug looked at the plant carefully, examining it from top to bottom. Suddenly, the plant reacted to Doug's presence biting his hand with its sharp and venomous fangs.
"Shit! How the hell did that fly trap have fangs like that? What kind of plant was that?" Doug said, glaring over at his bite mark. Suddenly, he started to get a terrible headache, and a strong f
:iconanimefan5051042:Animefan5051042 112 5
Talia al Ghul TG

Ben was just a New York construction worker who had been assigned to scope out the underground sewer before he and the rest of the workers could start building a new apartment complex. As he walked around the misty and dark sewer, he noticed that there was a sword lying down in place near one of the walls. Ben picked it up and examined it, it was finely crafted and looked like it would be used as a weapon, there was blood already on the blade, but it looked weeks or months old. Curiously examining it, he had accidently cut his arm , the previous blood from the sword disappeared and slowly went down into his bloodstream. Dropping the sword, Ben started to hold pressure onto the wound to stop the bleeding from the cut. Ben fell to his knees as the pain was getting worse. The cut wound mysteriously disappeared and healed instantly. His vision then started to get very blurry, his arms and hands starting to
:iconanimefan5051042:Animefan5051042 52 6
Catwoman TG

David was an avid comic book reader and was excitedly awaiting the newest Batman game Arkham Origins. In anticipation, he started to play Arkham City again and finish getting the collectibles. He had finished getting Batman's, but totally forgot about getting Catwoman's Riddler Trophies. David was always amazed at Catwoman's incredible abilities and always wished he could do the same. He then went to the character switch point and pressed X. Then it happened.
His arms started to slightly shrink and become slender. His body hair all over his arms and legs disappeared and his fingernails grew longer. His arms became very smooth. His hands became dainty and looked quite feminine. David started to panic and become flustered. He tried to get up and call for help, but his hips burst outward as the fat in his body deposited there and made them more round. His ass was pushed out into a sexy heart shape as his whole body became lea
:iconanimefan5051042:Animefan5051042 124 11


Diana's Defeat by sampleguy
Mature content
Diana's Defeat :iconsampleguy:sampleguy 318 23
Mother's Day Mishap TG by Jakal63 Mother's Day Mishap TG :iconjakal63:Jakal63 647 58 If Lipstick Could Kill...: A Request for Texbot by HassouTobi27 If Lipstick Could Kill...: A Request for Texbot :iconhassoutobi27:HassouTobi27 54 2
Life Is Strange: Life Is Fun (WG)

Today was a good day for Chloe Elizabeth Price, why you might ask?
See, it had been exactly two weeks since Chloe Price had explained to her longtime best friend, and current girlfriend Max Caulfield her fetish, feederism.
Max's initial reaction had supportive, but at the same time confused. The hipster had many questions. Max had even done a bit of research on the fetish herself.
Chloe had explained that prior to Max's return to Oregon, Chloe had met a girl Named Rachel Amber, who introduced her into the world of feederism.
After multiple talks with Max, and some Chloe Price persuasion, she finally convinced Max to let her be Max's feeder. The couple agreed that one day, they would give feederism a shot.  And today was that day. It was a cloudy, warm saturday, her mother Joyce, had already went into work an hour ago. While, her step father or “Step Douche
:icontacos34:TACOS34 33 0
Team Canada! - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG
Mature content
Team Canada! - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 461 17
Cosmic goddess
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 186 34
CMSN- stand ready 2 by blackshirtboy
Mature content
CMSN- stand ready 2 :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 724 18
Happy Valentines Day 2017 by blackshirtboy Happy Valentines Day 2017 :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 1,505 31 gym bunny by blackshirtboy
Mature content
gym bunny :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 1,340 43
be my Valentine by KannelArt be my Valentine :iconkannelart:KannelArt 1,508 35 Close Encounter of the Third Kind - Censored by KannelArt
Mature content
Close Encounter of the Third Kind - Censored :iconkannelart:KannelArt 502 36
Kendall's Early Retirement (Story)
Kendall had just stepped off the runway after another dazzling performance. Stripping off her sparkle covered, skin showing dress, Kendall stopped in front of a full body mirror. She smiled as she looked at her long trim legs, beautifully thin body, gorgeously defined facial features and her black hair which seemed to cascade down past her shoulders. She had it all. Money, fame and she was still incredibly young. If she wanted to, Kendall could just retire now and spend the rest of her days lounging around by a pool, sipping margaritas and eating anything she wanted. Hell her families show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians would be on TV's for god knows how long. People loved them. Kendall really didn't need another job for the rest of her life, but she loved showing off her figure and where better place to do it then on a runway watched by millions of people.
"Imagine just giving this all away to indulge by the pool every day" Kendall giggled thinking about how sweet it would be
:iconmontyisfat:montyisfat 51 2
The Bimbo App by jackdamonkey
Mature content
The Bimbo App :iconjackdamonkey:jackdamonkey 675 41
Mature content
Daddys Own Lil Monster TG (SS Harley Quin) :icontgrebel2:TGrebel2 40 5
TG Comic - Draco Malfoy and Sweets by TheMightFenek TG Comic - Draco Malfoy and Sweets :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 2,407 205 Sokka TG--- Do-over by Jakal63 Sokka TG--- Do-over :iconjakal63:Jakal63 770 112



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Latest-3 by Animefan5051042

Matt was just your average geek. Posters of various comic book movies, statues and Funko Pops adorned his room. He was a tall, lean man in his early 20's. Just what you'd call an average joe. Today, however, was going to be quite special for him. Not only was he about to head out to his local movie theater to go see Suicide Squad, but a special item he had ordered from eBay had finally arrived!

With a sense of childhood giddiness, he raced out to the front door once he heard the doorbell, picking up the package instantly. "Awesome! I've been waiting for this forever. I can't wait to put it up on my shelf!" He slowly removed the item from its packaging, trying extra hard to not damage it. What was it exactly? "A one of a kind replica of the voodoo doll June Moon discovered in the cave! This thing was crazy expensive! But it's mine now. Totally gonna have to show this off to my friends!"

Something felt odd to him as he placed his hands on the doll. As if a voice was whispering ever so slightly into his ear. "Open it!', beckoned the voice. Matt didn't seem to see the issue in doing so. "Let's see what's inside. Maybe it'll be some cool bonuses!', he reasoned. He placed his large hands on the head of the doll, and popped it out. And that's when things got REALLY interesting. 

A smokey essense shot out of the doll immediately, it rose up like a snake, twirling with a sense or elegance. Matt, scared out of his mind, was shocked, and about to turn and run outta the place. Without a second's notice, the smoke shot into Matt's mouth and entered his body.

Matt had lost complete and utter control of his body. He felt a great pain throughout, such horrific pain to the point he thought he might as well just end it all and die to get rid of the pain. But greater plans were already in the works for the young man. His body hair all but vanished, popping off of his skin hair by hair. His skin became much more smooth to the touch, as his skin bubbled up and contorted to a much different figure. 

As he felt his entire skin burn up and boil,  he could just barely make out the large amount of fat being built up and distributed into different parts of his body. His thighs built up tremendously, as they immediately got thicker. His hips popped out and became curvy. An immense feeling overcame his chest, pressure building. As Matt reached to clutch his burning chest, two breasts developed as they plopped down unto his hands. He groped them, and instantly became terrified. What the hell was happening to him? 

His face began to burn next. Almost instantaneously, his face contorted in shape, becoming womanly in contexture. All the male features in his face had disappeared. In its place was a female face. And a gauntly looking one at that. His hair grew, becoming long and dirty, reaching far down his body. His ass slowly built up in fat, becoming both plump, and very pleasing to the eyes. Matt could feel his manhood disappearing. His penis slowly crept into itself, transforming into something else. Matt was now a woman. Screams of pains beckoned the halls of his apartment. 

His clothes all ripped away, with strange looking tattoos appearing all over his body to cover himself up. They slowly were added, making the pain all the more worse. His screams for help were futile. The doll levitated, and tranformed into a moon shapped crown and neck accessory. They attached to his body. Matt tried to pull them off, but they simply became even more tighter on his body.

"There is no need to resist...". That voice. It was the same one who had called upon him to open up the doll. "I can give you what you want. I will return you back to normal. Just relax your mind."

Naively, Matt slowly closed his eyes. But the voice cackled in delight. "Thank you for your body Matthew." Matt clutched his head, and the voice grew stronger and stronger. And just like that, Matt had ceased to exist. The being opened its now glowing eyes, and smiled. She stood up, and began to walk around the room to catch herself, moving her hips almost erotically. The Enchantress had finally returned. Now that she had her physical form, she could work to resurrect and find a body for her brother. She would claim what she had been denied. It was only a matter of time before she would restore this disgusting world to its true glory, under her rule.
Enchantress (Suicide Squad) TG
I'm finally back! Had this in my drafts for a while now. Apologies for taking so long to get this out. I hope to deliver more content this year, and hopefully keep a better schedule. Apologies if this seems a bit rusty! Hope you enjoy!


Riza Hawkeye TG- planned

Harley Quinn TG- planned

Mary Jane Watson TG- planned

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth TG- planned

Black Widow TG- planned

Gwen Stacy TG- planned


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